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Skripachev and Smelov turned the Gladiator show into a bloody massacre

Ivan Skripachev vs. Evgeny Smelov
Ivan Skripachev (red trunks) and Evgeny Smelov (white trunks) in last round of rematch

Rematch between two punchers Ivan Skripachev (2 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw) and Evgeny Smelov (3 wins, 5 losses) that took place in Anapa (Russia) on the 17th of March lent proper color to the Gladiator boxing night. The boxing lovers saw a bloody and uncompromising battle. The interest was heightened by the referee’s decision and circumstances that remained unnoticed for most of the audience.

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Arnold Khegai about fight with Valery Tretyakov: «I felt that I was winning almost every round»

Arnold Khegai about fight with Valery Tretyakov

On November 27, the leading Russian promotional company «The World of Boxing» held a spectacular show with some very impressive fights in its undercard. Matchmakers set athletes with similar level, but different strong and weak sides against each other. The struggle of styles made the fights look spectacular and unpredictable. Preliminary fights «warmed up the show» so much that the main fights of the evening fell by the wayside in comparison with the undercard fights. The match between undefeated Russian Valery Tretyakov (11 wins) and Ukrainian Arnold Khegai (11 wins, 1 draw) turned out to be one of the most open, driving and emotional. If you missed this «massacre», make sure to watch the record.

After the fight, Arnold Khegai gave a frank interview in which he shared his attitude to the opponent with boxing fans, he told them about how the fight went and revealed his plans for the future. This exclusive material will show new circumstances to the boxing fans, so they could have a more objective picture of the course and outcome of the fight between Tretyakov and Khegai.

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Mateusz Masternak won over Ismayl Sillah (+VIDEO)

Masternak – Sillah (

On the 24th of June Gdansk (Poland) held a boxing evening, which for the most part consisted of competitive and thrilling fights. For most fights the rivals were chosen in such a way that if you compared their career record you couldn’t determine obvious favorites. Among them was the fight between Eastern Europe professionals Mateusz Masternak (39 wins, 4 losses) and Ismayl Sillah (25 wins, 3 losses). Apart from intrigue this fight was noted for its huge engaged audience, which included not only Polish boxing fans.

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Genghis Khan’s third campaign in the USA

Denis «Genghis Khan» Shafikov with his trainer Abel Sanchez (Photo courtesy of Premier Boxing Champions)

The Russia’s best lightweight boxer Denis «Genghis Khan» Shafikov (38 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw) will soon try to win the IBF World champion belt for the third time. Denis will fight with the defending champion – 26 year old American Robert Easter Jr. (19 wins, 14 wins coming by the way of KO) nicknamed Trouble and it appears that on June 30th he will deliver the most serious troubles to Shafikov in his entire career. And this is why:

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Results of lightweight week: Papazov – Chaniev, Samedov – Khasiyev, Blinnikov

Last week can be positively called the lightweight week of Russian professional boxing. Three promising lightweight boxers, each of whom stands a good chance of heading the Russian lightweight rating in the future, passed their fights. Of course we expected an outstanding show, but it didn’t go without surprises.

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Khasiev and Samedov will fight for the WBC CIS and Slovenian Boxing Bureau title

The next Saturday, two undefeated Russians Elnur Samedov (5 wins – 0 losses) and Dmitrii Khasiev (6 wins – 0 losses – 2 draws) will fight for the WBC CIS and Slovenian Boxing Bureau lightweight title. This battle is not just another fight between prospective boxers for a secondary title, but an example of quality matchmaking, which happens in Russian professional boxing extremely rare. What makes Samedov and Khasiev ideal rivals and what should the fans expect from the upcoming fight?

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Compensation for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. PR

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (Hogan Photos/Golden boy Promotions)

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. once again got in the spotlight just a week after his disgraceful fight. First, the media reported that the Mexican boxer was mugged. After that, the story gradually began to grow in details, and the situation he got himself into completely matched Chavez Jr.’s image – alcoholic intoxication, adultery, the disappearance of a check with a fee for a fight, loss of expensive watches – nothing surprising, basically. Despite that everyone already got used to this kind of Julio’s behavior, a lot of people, not only from Mexico or the US, but even from Europe, continue following the events. But what is the real reason for this behavior and how did Chavez Jr. find himself in this situation?

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Papazov vs. Chaniev and the expected changes in the Russian ranking of professional boxers

Papazov vs Chaniev (Property of Empire Sport)

On May 25, two Russian lightweight boxers Fedor Papazov (19 wins – 2 losses) and Isa Chaniev (10 wins – 0 losses) will fight for IBF Inter-Continental and IBO Inter-Continental titles in the Latvian capital. But it is not the titles that adds intrigue and significance to this fight.

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